Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Plenish is the way of the future ...

I am in love with this simple product with its beautiful packaging but not only is is good on the outside, whit it contains inside is the real beauty !!!
September is the end of Summer in the northern hemisphere but down south its spring so all over the world we should be doing the following xx Wish i could get my hands on this product from the UK
If you know of a local South African product please let me know xx
"Plenish cleanses are designed with your end goals in mind. Whether you're juicing to lose weight, boost energy or give your digestive system a break we have a juice cleanse plan to suit.
Plenish juice cleanses are not just about juicing to lose weight (although that is often a welcomed side effect!). With 6 500ml juices per day our juice cleanses are designed to be a detox diet, where you replace solid food with organic Plenish juices. Whilst cleansing you'll be flooding your system with heaps of vitamins and minerals so that you feel Plenished and can press on and crush it."
I love all these packages you can get !! Even a bridal one !! for both man & woman !!!

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