Monday, 31 August 2015

raw concrete walls

Sorry still on this wall mission ... i'm between leaving my wall concrete or doing a washed paint effect. I've finding it so hard to make missions with so many beautiful options !! 
OK maybe i do one wall concrete and the other white washed ... mmmm now that could work !!!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Raw paint effect walls

This new trend is so up my alley !!! I'm loving every thing about it - old school Cuba style walls.
Raw concrete, unfinished paint jobs, washed brick work, distressed paint effects, peeling walls, giving a vintage and urban Industrial Style!! SOOOOO LOOOOOVE !!!
Not sure my perfectionist husband is gonna fall for this ;(

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Maaike Koster’s prints & art work

I was checking out a friend of mines new web page 
and found this amazing artist Maaike Koster. 
This is her beautiful work

Typographic prints with a feminine touch
If you are familiar with Maaike Koster’s work you will instantly recognize her stunning monochrome typographic prints. A similar uncomplicated simplicity with a feminine touch has been employed in her own home interior, which perfectly references her artwork. 

High quality prints and art work
Maaike has brought a sublime limited collection of typographic prints and art together for My Deer’s online Art Shop. Most prints consist of hand drawn letters and personal quotes and words. The attention paid to detail resonates through the whole collection. My Deer Art Shop only uses the finest papers and high quality materials. All the prints are limited edition, signed with handwritten numbering and printed on 250 g. fine art photo paper. 

so in love with these plant prints <3

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

more fabulous stuff to buy at milo

This sounds crazy but i'm thinking it's time to start christmas shopping ... yes i know its September but from October on in my life things just go crazy. Sooooo the sooner the better and where better to shop if you do it early but on line ... delivered to your door, no mess, no fuss, no distractions xx
here a few things that any one would love !!!