Thursday, 23 October 2014

Oxblood lips ..

I have never been a big lipstick fan as i always associated it with old ladies but thanks to fashion it is on the come back with bold reds, pinks,oranges and maroons so have been playing with colors.

1. you look amazing with lipstick on - do a selfie and see for your self !
2. you feel sexy - i'm not sure why (maybe because every girl on the cover of Vogue is wearing lipstick and so you think you a cover girl for a moment or two)
3.Why not ?

"Don’t underestimate the power of the dark lipstick. It could look sophisticated yet so elegant and daring, and you can be sure that everyone’s eyes will be on you. Dark lips have been popping up all over our beauty radar this fall season, with reds taking a backseat to this deeper hue."

i found such an informative website about make up check out if you interested xx 

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