Thursday, 31 July 2014

Nautical refresh

The navy & white stripe, red, white and gold … Yip the good old classic NAUTICAL is always a hot favorite in the fashion world. Here a few 2014 tips to revive the great classic look x
Sports girl have some winner options

add red heels

over play red

go full length

go gold bling

love plimsoles

fitted dress - gold buttons

bling it gold

tiny repeat prints with bold stripes

monotone with stripe acsesories

navy nails

polka dots

unusual stripes

love zips

add nude to exaggerate stripe

minmal prints

keep it plain and add stripe accessories 

bold stripe bold gold

polka dot and panel stripes

navy knits

Sports girl hits

mixed width stripes

red lipstick

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tree truck furniture

Two years ago we cut down a large tree in our back yard and i've hung onto the big chunks of trunk since then, they have dried out and all the bark has peeled off leaving them looking beautiful. 
This is what i was planning on doing but realized they are not straight so now need a chain shaw to straighten them - ???
…. have lost interest ...
so if any one is prepared to cut mine for me you may have 2 chunks !!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

macramé made modern

Swing back thoughs 70's and look what we have ! Macramé is such a fun thing to do and it looks amazing !! Festivals around the corner would so love a macramé dress - how cool !!
Then for those who always wanted a swinging chair in their home - check out for a few DIY options xx