Thursday, 5 June 2014

Swimwear 80's re track by Tyler Rose

Now these were the days when our mom's were the bomb !!
The 80’s: a time when mirrored shades and zinc oxide ran supreme. Sunshine, swimwear, and the smell of tanning oil fill the air. Bold brights barely cover the sun-kissed skin of Cindy Crawford on Vogue’s cover. This chick is a craze you’d endorse; she’s a powerful force. This spring, the bohunks are lining up to get with the babes who are anything but typical. You know what it is: Sun Scene ’14.
The ladies of Tyler Rose Swimwear emulate the late 80’s and 90’s in all their glory: punchy hues, radical textures, and righteous cutouts and that will leave you wanting more. TRS takes you back to a simpler time, a time when you drove to the nearest lake to get oiled up on the roof of your friend’s boat. So hop on your jet ski and get your speedboats ready: you’re in for a bitchin’ season with Sun Scene ’14.

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