Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sportsgirl take on spring - bring on pastels x

With spring around the South African corner i'm searching for other southern hemispheres who are also about to spring into spring and came across one of my best Australian stores Sportsgirl. They are doing a huge pastels come back which i must admit is such a favorite for me purely because when i was a little girl and started noticing fashion, there was a store in the Musgrave Mall in Durban called Addibles (not sure if i've spelt it right) which had only pastels in it !! It was the coolest store i'd ever seen in my small life and dreamt that i could buy things from it ! Needless to say i've a passion for pastels
love it
love this pastel peach

love the combination of the black and pop of floral very Frida Kahlo

great dress for hot days

love the geometric jewels

pastel mint and lace too pretty

also loving these scarf like pants

amazing dress & shoes

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