Sunday, 16 September 2012

Cool office spaces

Office is where we spend most of our day or week or life i should say, well our most mind active time i should add. So why do we work in such dull environments? I'm in the process of redesigning and updating my husbands office and in the process found it to be quite a challenge to find inspiration and to create a space that is comfortable yet not too homely and fresh and inspiring but not to over the top !
this wall vinyl i love !

i also love the idea of a chalk board for daily reminders of notices

Art is a fun way to make thing young and fresh

adding greenery is alway high on my list also adds oxygen for the brain !

more plants for sure

i'm a sucker for maps they make me feel happy

I love this idea for general appointments meetings birthday etc

this is a level beyond me but i do appreciate the design

how amazing would it be to work here !

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  1. I definitely like the first photo. That is one ingenious mural! I'm pretty sure that the employees will be motivated by just looking at the wall. Sometimes, adding something interesting to break the monotony of the space can give it a more appealing look. - Angela