Tuesday, 31 July 2012

white bikini

Summer is slowing creeping around again and i'm finding myself doing the bikini check out again and for some reason a white bikini always looks increadible. They never seem to date and always make such a statement x Here are a few to prove my point x
say no more

how amazing !

love the lace top xx

super sexy pants

this is cream but hey ?

wanna look like you oo!

love back detail

pretty hot with a touch of colour

love this 

Monday, 30 July 2012

Ray-ban & Chanel sunglasses ...

While in HK i found myself longing for new fabulous sunglasses — it may have been all the sun shine and heat i was exposed to !! Here just a few pairs i wish i could afford but did find some amazing rip off's in the Ladies market in Mongkok !! 
these rayban 5000 cats - i got the rip off version xx
cats 5000

supper sexy

love these

eeeek so want these sooo badhttp://www.chanel.com/!!!

Chanel xxx




Sunday, 29 July 2012

door knobs to die for

I was shopping around and came across Anthropologies home ware, i am so in love with their products !!! How are their options on knobs ? it makes me wanna change every knob i own in my home, on my chest of draws, cupboards and even thinking of making a clothes hanger out of 4 different ones on an old piece of wood i have in my garage !

Saturday, 28 July 2012

add warmth to your home

Back at home is a whole lot cooler so now on a mission before winter gets cooler to heat up my lounge!
Thinking of starting with all the candles while i save up for the real deal gas fire !

candles are too pretty

love the way the wood is stacked up the side

ultra cool steel version that would look amazing in my home !

love this one too x

like the way they painted this one blackx

very slick version

Friday, 27 July 2012

Bloss and co new hand bags

A friend of mine recently opened her online store selling amazing bags i had to get myself one and now am in need of one of her scarves !!!
love the contrast colours x

this is my next purchase xx

this is what a came home with xx
desperate for this one too 

this is on my list of i wants x

love the colours of this one


love even more x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Spray paint here goes !

I'm off to the hard ware store to buy myself some neon cans of spray paint !!! check out how clever these little DIY projects are !
You can find these funny little ornaments in any second hand store for cheap - how amazing does a lick of fabulous paint make it look - loving the gold leaf legs !!!

up date a dull pot plant base with a little pop colour

Bored with a couch colour why not give it an ombre update with a tin of paint !!

bring old frames to life with a new pretty colour x

get the coolest new fad shoes with just a pop of colour too easy 

add funk to business cards - how simple and so cool

love this idea as my kids have a zillion of these animals lying around home which they no longer play with - i am so gonna do this x