Thursday, 1 October 2015

house renovation underway ....

I'm been a bit slack on my blog of late but i've been a bit crazy busy recently !!! My house is under renovation and i'm trying to put together a small kiddies clothing line. Yes i know it's not ideal to do all of the above at once but sometimes in life its all about now !!! And NOW is my time xxx
I thought i'd give you all a sneak peak of what i've been up to on the home front so far and then later when i'm a bit more organized i'll introduce my kiddies wear range xxx
we are extending my two kids room, renovating 3 bathrooms and adding a lounge !!!
hectic !!! the below is the space is to be a courtyard, lounge and extension of two bedrooms and a fresh new bath room xxx

 let the mess begin
foundations been dug

plumbing moved

more foundations ...

in the trenches
concrete mixxed

foundations built

garden ruined

first walls up of new TV lounge xx

 my bathroom foundation built
 walls extended for kids rooms

floor done
passage extension 

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