Saturday, 11 July 2015

app of the week - RUN 5K (couch potato to 5km runner) lets see ...

OK i admit it i'm a couch potato ... but i've decided to give this running thing a chance !!!! hahaha i can hear you lot laughing !!! Well i'm half way ... 4 weeks down and 4 to go and i still HATE it !! Yes i do ! I was told tonight it takes 6 weeks to get into it ... well i'm not giving up half way i'm gonna push on through and see if i EVER get the running bug !!!! But because i'm soon lazy and embraced about how unfit i am i started looking for apps to help me track my progress on my own. This is when i found RUN5K. This app is a 8 week program which is what i'm following. The app is very simple but it works so well for me !! I press start each day i train, switch my music on and then start walking. When my warm up is complete a voice tells me to start running and then when to stop all according to my 8 week plan. Each week is getting harder but if you feel you need to repeat a week so be it .... So for any one out there that wants to get off the couch - go on try !!!

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