Monday, 29 June 2015

African Nguni rugs

"Throughout the ages, Nguni cattle have formed a vital part of the Zulu’s aesthetic and spiritual heritage. The lure and uniqueness of each cow’s skin called for a remarkable cataloging in the tribe’s oral poetry and storytelling. 
The metaphorical interaction between the tribe’s natural surroundings and the beauty of Nguni hides led to the formation of over 300 illustrative words. Names are associated with animals, birds, plants and other natural wonders. A creamy, dun coloured hide is called “sour milk” and “the stones of the Ngoye forest” is the name given to a brown or red Nguni with large spots defined by a faint white edging."
Been doing some research on where to find beautiful Nguni rugs i came across this great blog by Amathuli and looked at some of their magnifcant skins !! So if you looking this is defiantly the spot to find what you looking for - what a great range xx 
how beautiful are these rugs !!

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