Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Healthy Breakfast oat smoothies

OK i'm on a mission to get healthy and more importantly get these kids of mine on the right track as far as food goes. 
I was not given a good start in the food department, partly because way back then we weren't that educated on what was good and what was bad for us. To add to it being raised in a family of 4 kids, groceries where done once a month so by mid month all the good stuff was finished and we lived the rest of the month on bread, chicken and rice and some over boiled peas. 
Oh and Jelly was a big hit too xxx
Breakfast was Pronutro every day of the week and weekends was fried eggs and bacon ! have you ever ????
here a few great ideas for a much healthier breakfast ...
smoothies are so easy and quick for on the go people like most of us x
... next week i'm going green juices :)

from http://www.momontimeout.com

from www.ohmyveggies.com

from http://www.actuallyamy.com

from http://www.gimmesomeoven.com

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