Thursday, 5 February 2015

Printable 2015 A1 calendar without holidays

Ok this is back to square one for me !! I've had a huge request for calendars with out school holidays to be printed - sorry for delay but here goes … that if i remember how to attach a PDF ; )
 enjoy and i hope it help you to be a bit more organized xxx
Let me know if any problems downloading : )


  1. Hi! I love love LOVE this one but I can't download it :(

    1. please try this updated link xx

  2. This planner is absolutely amazing. Well done, you really did a great job :) But when I print it the colors are not so bright as the previous one you did with the holidays. Could you please check why this happens? Thank you :) x

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  4. Steffie De Schutter3 September 2015 at 20:43

    Hi! I'm absolutely in love with this year view planner! Any chance you're making one for 2016 in a similar style? That'd look great in my planner! Thank you!!

  5. Hi, do you do term planner? I am lookng for a NSW schools term 4 planner for 2015