Friday, 25 July 2014

wonderful wedding shoes

My last blog on wedding shoes is so popular so clearly there are not many places to find ideas for wedding shoes so thought i'd give those out there looking, a few more beautiful ideas.
I have to say i'm all over the idea of sneakers, purely because they are mega comfy and give such a quirky hip look. Most men would love them and as for these heeded converse - i so wish i had found them for my wedding !!! It is the one day you are on your feet for 20 hours and at least 4 of those hours is dancing ! (well in my case) comfy shoes it what to choose !!!
… it beats bare foot which is what i ended up xx
even if you just get a spare pair of funky shoes for the photos and after party x

colors are cool

let the groom be different


super cool

fun idea

o i LOVE these



socks for fun

amazing ...


beautiful and you don't get to damage your special pair

love this man x

these i WISH i'd had x

: )

more cool socks

love love love converse xx

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