Sunday, 2 February 2014

Rihanna's tattoo's

I would NEVER have a tattoo, i have no real reason but probebly due to the fact i love change. Tattoo's aren't some thing i would be able to change every year or two. Infact from the age of sixteen till now i have thought seriously about having one but each time it has been a new design ! Can you imagine how bad i would look by now !! the other thing is i only like one tattoo on a body for some reason ? I find it strong and simple and meaningful … too many just looks like a mess to me.  
Not to say i admire loads of tattoo's out there even messy ones :)

Back to Rihanna….

Now if i could have a body and face like this girl i would want every single one of her tattoo's except the skull on her heel !
This girl is on fire!!

interesting ….

music notesThis is believed to be her first tattoo. She got it inked sometime in 2006.  This tattoo appears on her left foot and it draws inspiration from her musical journey when she began her foray in the music industry
skull with bowThis tattoo design consists of a skull with a bow. Unlike other tattoos that Rihanna sports, it is coloured. Though a skull and cross bone usually depicts danger, the little pink bow on the skull makes it cute
RThis one of rihanna’s tattoo is self-explanatory. ‘R’ stands for her name – Rihanna
LoveThis tattoo says ‘Love’. It appears on the middle finger of her left hand. This tattoo is done in a simple cursive font and is not clearly visible unless she holds a microphone. She got it inked in Los Angeles.
starsRihanna has a trail of stars that begins from her nape and trails down to her upper back. The Rihanna star tattoo is one of her most visible and famous tattoo designs of all. The design was etched in New York by her favourite tattoo artist, Bang Bang. This tattoo is also believed to match the trio of stars tattoo behind her boyfriend Chris Brown’s ear
pisces symbolThis design is one of the first tattoos that Rihanna got done. This tattoo was done by a very famous Brazilian tattoo artist, whose clients need to book him three years in advance. Luckily for Rihanna, he was in Tokyo at the same time as Rihanna was, so she got it inked.
ShhhThe tattoo says ‘Shhh….’ It appears on the index finger of her right hand. This tattoo is one of her most copied tattoo design amongst her fans. Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen have already copied it from Rihanna.
Tribal signThis tattoo is done around her wrist bone on the right hand and at the back of the palm till the beginning of her index finger. This exotic tattoo was done while she was on her New Zealand tour. This Maori-inspired geometric design represents ‘strength and love.’
Rebelle fleur - This tattoo on the left side of her neck was etched in 2010. The text says ‘rebelle fleur’ which means “rebel flower’’ in French. This tattoo was also done by her favorite tattoo artist Bang Bang.
Roman NumericRihanna shows off the date ‘14.11.1986’ in Roman numeric on her left shoulder. It is the birth date of her best friend Melissa. Melissa also got the same tattoo inked with the birth date of Rihanna.


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