Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Make up instructions & tricks

If you like me, this is fascinating ! First of all i'm lost when it comes to make up but not only that you can make your self up so naturally that nobody notices you have make up on, if you do it well !!
The secret is in the colors you use ! Bold colors make bold statement make up and subtle colors make natural looking beauty.
Gone are the days of me staying natural, first of all i'm no longer that 15 year old natural beauty and to be perfectly honest every woman should make the most of what they have because good make is enhancing your natural beauty x

 First of all the foundation of all make up and the canvas we work from but the keey to enhancing your great features  

then onto the pretties xxx

Brushes and the info … now i know why my one brush doesn't work for every thing !!!

now for perfect lips xx

why we should all make an effort …. gotta love before and after pic's

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