Thursday, 6 September 2012

Pieter Hugo's amazing pictures

Pieter Hugo’s “The Hyena and Other Men”

This is a beautiful series of images by photographer Pieter Hugo, shot over a period of two years on the outskirts of shantytowns in Nigeria. These images show men and young children with wild animals such as hyenas and monkeys that have been trained to perform, often acting as the sole source of income for these families.
I think these images are both beautiful and haunting at the same time as they evoke not only the power of these creatures, but also the desperation of their owners who depend on them for their very existence
i love all these photos

scarey stuff

love the colours


how beautiful

africa for you

crazy things

can't say i like the chains much

sadness in a poor place

shows the crulty of africa


moving photo

gods time is best - say no more

one of these group photos David Beckham bought as one of the monkeys was wearing a soccer shirt

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