Thursday, 30 August 2012

my top baby girls rooms

There is such excitement around the arrival of a new little person into ones life and often we rush around and don't take the time to prepare a special room for our new little angels, well i speak for myself and so regret not doing so as it is for such a short period that these little things stay little before you know it they are demanding hannah Montana posters are stuck up on their walls ! eek not pretty !!
If you have the time please make the effort even if it is just so you have a sanctuary for yourself to escape into with your little angel in it's first months on earth. 
here are my favorite little girls rooms x
How organized is this mom !!!

such a pretty idea

love the attention to detail

wow i would love to wake up in here as a child

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love this chalk wall and is unisex too

add beautiful photos to watch over 

such a lovely idea and will be used for many years to come

clean and calm colours

so love the stars in pink

most defiantly my favorite and i'm sure will keep baby busy for hours with all those patterns to look at 

sweet way to make shelves look child friendly

am a sucker for all white i know

to true xx

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