Thursday, 26 July 2012

Spray paint here goes !

I'm off to the hard ware store to buy myself some neon cans of spray paint !!! check out how clever these little DIY projects are !
You can find these funny little ornaments in any second hand store for cheap - how amazing does a lick of fabulous paint make it look - loving the gold leaf legs !!!

up date a dull pot plant base with a little pop colour

Bored with a couch colour why not give it an ombre update with a tin of paint !!

bring old frames to life with a new pretty colour x

get the coolest new fad shoes with just a pop of colour too easy 

add funk to business cards - how simple and so cool

love this idea as my kids have a zillion of these animals lying around home which they no longer play with - i am so gonna do this x

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