Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hong Kong Hair

I'm just arrived back from 5 days in Hong Kong, so sorry i've not been blogging but i was caught in my first Typhoon ! Not that it stopped me shopping up a storm thanks to the cleverly designed under ground walkways that keep you safe from the heat and any bad weather conditions xx
My first fascination while i was there was the Peoples most amazing thick shinny and beautiful hair and how many young stylish women and men there where sporting incredible hair styles !! Not to mention the amount of stores with amazing hair products that in our country we would have to pay a fortune to ever own ! There it seems every one uses top brand products as they are affordable !
love this cut


pretty side plat

too cool x

love this messy bob

even the little ones look amazing

and as for the men they rock hair too

love love love this sexy hair

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