Sunday, 25 June 2017

Stretch Knit ankle boots

Its all about comfort as you get older and what more stylish and cool than the ultimate comfortable stretch ankle boot for this winter !!! Loving the fact that shoe manufactures are utilising the latest technology and bringing us comfort, style and support all in one winter fashion item xx 10/10 !! LOVING THESE BOOTS form 

Monday, 23 January 2017

over sized knits Winter trends

Ok for us in the southern hemisphere it's hard to get to grip with this one but i'm giving you a heads up while summer is in full bloom ... and for those in the Northern hemisphere you will be feeling the chill still. 
Over sized/boy friend sweaters are the big rage !! Worn over denims or even with just a pair of boots for the brave !!
Loving this look !

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

... tricks of the trade for bed cushions

There are no hard and fast rule but to you out there who want our beds to look like the one in the magazines here is how you do it !!! Yes a whole lot of cushions generally does the trick !!! Love these simple sketches Judith Taylor has put together for us xx
off to buy more cushions ...

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

black geometric nails

Having just blogged all about the natural nail,  mine are ready for a bit of newness and i'm loving all these black and natural options xx
This week i add black tips for sure XXXX

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Umgazi refurbishment 2016

One of my favourite family holidays ... Umgazi !!!
Been awhile since we all went and with new renovation i'm keen to book a holiday soon !!
How amazing !! Well done to all involved i absolutely love the fresh fruity colourful decor !!! Makes me want to rush into summer, drink cocktails around that pool and just relax in the sun !!!

"The recent refurbishment was a great success.
It was born of the need to completely renovate and upgrade the main kitchen, which necessitated closing down the hotel for 6 weeks in May/June. It was therefore decided to use this time prudently and upgrade as many bungalows as possible, plus other areas of the hotel, during this shut-down period. 
The main kitchen, dining room, the pool and tennis court repaint, plus 30 of the 69 bungalows were done during this time. The balance of bungalows will be refurbished as and when there are gaps in the reservation schedule. 
Our softs décor upgrade focussed on the spa, the public areas (lounges), the dining room and the bedrooms.
Obviously the main objective of the refurbishment was to remodel and overhaul the kitchen. State-of-the-art equipment and refrigeration was installed, the floors were redone and an ultramodern kitchen was created, which has enhanced hygiene provisions.
Returning guests will also notice a refreshing new look in the dining-room complete with newly-screeded floors, a brand-new buffet station as well as new full-length, glass doors and windows, which let in more light and enhance views. The children’s dining room was also refreshed. 
Basil’s Bar now sports a new counter and certain furnishings and the lounge floor has also been extensively redone after the addition of colourful furnishings and artwork.
The tennis court and swimming pool have both been resurfaced or repainted, in keeping with the general revamp of all the public spaces.
The thatching contractors took the opportunity of restoring many of the roofs during this period, as well.
It also made sense to overhaul and refresh as many bungalows as possible during this time, with particular attention being paid to floors, doors, windows and bathrooms.
Umngazi’s flagship double story-honeymoon bungalow (number 47) has been “reborn”! Similarly, the Emlonyeni bungalows and the three adjacent honeymoon suites have “revelled” in the revamp, with the addition of wider decks to allow guests to relax, while soaking up the sun."